About Our Cultured Opal

Most lab grown cultured opal is not the quality of Sterling Opal. It takes time to create a good likeness to natural opal and we wait patiently as we produce the best and most attractive cultured  opal in the world.

Lab grown cultured opal has never looked better!  Sterling Opal creates opal from Mother Nature's ingredients with a result to rival natural opal.  The many varieties of Sterling Opal are each distinctly beautiful without the high price tag of natural opal.  The striking appearance, durability, economy and ease of use make our opal a desirable choice for any jewelry application. Click here to learn more.

You will not find more authentic looking lab-grown cultured opal anywhere in the world.  Our process has been perfected to imitate nature as closely as possible. The opal is said to be "Mother Nature‚Äôs fireworks" and Sterling Opal produces cultured opal with the same exciting play of color, light and flash as found in natural opal.

Enjoy viewing some examples of our rough opal, cabochons and beads.  These are but a few of the distinctly beautiful opal we create. Should you have questions regarding our current opal availability, designs, colors, or pricing, click here to send us a message.

Thank you for visiting Sterling Opal. We look forward to doing business with you!

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